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We are an internationally active heir search company with offices throughout Germany. Furthermore, we are globally connected with partner companies and correspondents.
Our aim is to conclude your inheritance matter successfully, quickly and down to the last detail.

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Heir Search.

From locating heirs, procuring documents, creating a genealogical tree, translating foreign-language documents, to settling and paying out the inheritance, we cover the entire process surrounding a matter of inheritance professionally and in many countries.


In Germany, if the probate court is not able to find an heir apparent in a case of an open estate, the state is appointed as heir. We believe that this should remain the exception. We have made it our responsibility to help rightful heirs to their inheritance.


Heir search is a long process in which many pieces of a puzzle have to be brought together. With great passion and competence, we pursue the work in archives, the search for heirs as well as the bureaucratic effort with courts and notaries.

iLANOT - heir search

Experts with diverse backgrounds work at iLANOT – from historians to computer scientists. The aim is always to conclude an inheritance matter swiftly and successfully for the rightful heirs.

Our heir investigators work at various locations in Germany. We have been mastering the challenge of working together effectively in a decentralised yet barrier-free manner for many years.

Our headquarters are in Heidelberg. The office, located directly in the beautiful old town, is the place where all threads come together. Here, the administrative staff also work professionally, meticulously and always at full speed for your matter of inheritance.
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